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Mehta speaks to The Argonaut about ReSound: Kathak in the Streets

In September 2010, Leela Dance Collective returned to live performances after an 18 month hiatus due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The Collective presented a 10-day festival - ReSound: Kathak in the Streets - featuring pop up performances and interactive workshops in parks, on street corners and in public spaces in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Conceived of and directed by Rina Mehta, the festival marked a radical departure for the Leela Dance Collective. While the Collective's previous productions featured works in a traditional proscenium stage setting, ReSound brought the dance form into everyday public places and spaces.

"With these street performances, we are here on the same street you walk on, next to the restaurant you eat at. For us, it is really (about) getting people up close and intimate", said Mehta to The Argonaut.


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